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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kathy's Lecture 10/01

Kathy talks about from in art.Kathy explains the differences of the principles in art.One of her main points was harmony. She states that in an artwork there can be either harmony or contrast, depending on the type and formation. Just because a painting or artwork is indifferent, that does not mean it is not harmonic. You can have a painting with all shapes and sizes, but somehow show harmony in the way it comes and flows together. Post minimalism, minimalism and abstract expression are some of the types of artwork she goes into detail about. I actually found this lecture interesting. I do like how in abstract expression, what one feels will never work or doesn't seem to think about, can be proven otherwise when executed properly. One point she uses is the sense of repetition. SHe goes on to say that an artwork can not only be defined by the positive space, but the negative space plays a big role in some artwork.
Where there is harmony, contrast is not too far behind. Contrast can be best explained when an artist repeats elements to give the sense that they are unrelated.

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